Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.B.
Publisher: Stainless
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #17

You are the Wonkapillar, trying to escape from a series of mazes. But a few new twists make this slightly different from the other maze games on the market.

You start out inside a square maze, and the only means of escape is to blow yourself out with a time bomb. But don't set the fuse too short, or you'll blow yourself up as well.

As you travel about the mazes, you leave segments of your body behind. Collide with one of these or the wall of the maze, and you're a dead Wonkapillar. At least there are no ghosts or other nasties to look out for.

You get a score for getting through each part of the maze, and also for passing over pieces of fruit lying around at various locations. Reach the end of one maze and you find yourself in the centre of a second one, up to a total of eight. Reach the end of that, and you might find your name in the high-score table.

You can use the direction keys to move around or change them to the keys of your choice at the beginning of the game.


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