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Home Computing Weekly

Stampit/Early Bird
By Phoenix

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

A fireman's nightmare, that's the only way to describe Stampit. There you are, out in the country for a picnic, when sparks from your campfire cause fires to break out all over the place.

With ever-increasing panic you race about trying to extinguish the fires by stamping on them with a very large boot that you just happen to be wearing.

Frustration increases as additional fires break out, and tents and motor cars burst into flames, leaving you with a sense of helplessness and a very hot foot.

There are five levels of difficulty, ranging (or it is raging?) from indifferent through budding arsonist to raving pyromaniac.

The second game, Early Bird, is set in a typically English country garden which is beset with a particularly nasty case of worms.

You move the early bird around the garden making a royal feast of the worms and trying to eat as many as you can without being caught by a runaway lawnmower, a lurking cat or the grand daddy worm.

You lose a life when caught and the game ends when your three lives have all been lost.

Both games are nicely presented, with instructions printed on a card inset.


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