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Air Attack
By Microsonic

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

Air Attack is a variation of the game Bomber. But instead of bombing a city to enable you to land, here you have the task of defending the city by using missiles to destroy the falling bombs and attacking aircraft.

There are four cities, and missiles may be launched from any of these using the numbered keys one to four. If you destroy an aircraft, you gain 1,000 points, and 100 points are awarded if a bomb is hit.

When a city is completely destroyed, missiles can no longer be launched from it. Each city also has a limited number of missiles available and this amount varies according to the degree of difficulty chosen.

Full instructions are displayed on screen, if required, prior to the start of the game. The program loaded without trouble every time, although there appears to be a bug during the running of the game.

When a bomb hits a part of city number four, the program stops and a "Bad Value In Line" message is displayed. As this appears to be a program error and not just a fault in my review copy, it would need to be ironed out before the tapes are retailed in any quantity.


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