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TI Cricket
By Dromeda

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

This is a text-only game based on the roles of limited overs cricket.

Two teams are involved, England and the West Indies. However, one side of the tape contains an instruction program with details of how t alter the teams and players so you can have your favourite county or test sides in the game.

Turning the tape over enables you to enter the game itself. You select which side bats first and how many overs are to be bowled in the match.

The list of players is shown together with numerical ratings indicating their batting ability against certain types of ball, i.e. pace, spin or swing.

The two opening batsmen are then selected and are shown on a "cricket scoreboard" type of screen display.

You choose a bowler from a list of 11 and again their ability to bowl the three types of ball are indicated numerically.

You then decide whether to bowl a pace, spin or swing ball and where to place the ball, i.e. on wicket, leg stump or off stump.

The result of the selection is given by the number of runs scored or the batsman being given out.


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