Crunch (Byteware) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Byteware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #36

The Cruncher is our intrepid hero in this game, and the object is to move him through a set of four caves. Each cave is filled with dots which are eaten by the cruncher as he progresses.

In the far corner of the cave is a piece of cave caviar, and bonus points are awarded when this is eaten.

In order to pass from one cave to another, you must travel through the monsters' mansion.

At this point, a rather unfriendly chap rejoicing in the name of 'Orrible 'Orris appears on the scene, and his one aim in life is 10 chase and eliminate the cruncher.

If you fancy your chances you can try to collect a piece of fruit left in the mansion and gather extra points on your way to the next cave.

If you stop for a breather anywhere on your journey, 'Orrible 'Orris will attack.

In addition to being eaten by 'Orrible 'Orris, or using the wrong doorway, the cruncher will be eliminated if he hits a wall or tries to retrace his steps.

Graphics are very good and sound effects, including a very catchy signature tune, are excellent.


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