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Home Computing Weekly

By TX Software

Published in Home Computing Weekly #9

Wargame, as its name suggests, tests your skill as a strategist and marksman against that of the computer or another player.

The display shows you a randomly produced map, depicting hills, forests, swamp and water together with flat terrain on which each player has three home bases. You are in command of a number of tanks and guns, and have the ·task of attacking and destroying your opponents' bases as well as defending your own.

Tanks and artillery are moved across the varying landscape using either a combination of keys or joysticks, and an advantage can be gained or a disadvantage incurred, depending on where you place your pieces.

When you are within range of an enemy base, entering fire mode displays a range and direction finder on the screen to help you get the target in your sights. This proves quite tricky to use and practice is needed in order to become a competent marksman.

Graphic display and colour are used efficiently, enabling you to easily identify your, and your opponents' pieces and the nature of the terrain you intend to move into. Some sound is used for shell explosions and the running down of tank when they are hit.

The program runs smoothly without any apparent bugs in loading or playing. Instructions are not displayed on screen, but a fairly adequate set of printed instructions are included in the package. A set of options enable you to vary the speed of your tanks or the firing range of your guns, and these along with three skill levels, add to the variety of the game.

The game lasts a reasonable amount of time, and makes a refreshing change from being blown out of hyperspace in ten seconds flat. It is quite slow moving, but then the emphasis is on strategy, and there is plenty to think about during the game.

At the price, a worthwhile acquisition for anyone who enjoys these boardgame-type of programs.


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