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Home Computing Weekly

Fun Pac 3
By Virgin Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #57

A good value package comprising three arcade-type games. Golf, offering one to 18 holes, has all the ingredients, such as type of iron and hazards like trees, water and sand bunkers. You select iron, direction and strength and then drive by pressing the space bar.

Nuclear Disaster made me think of other similarly-named games, but I found it to be different. You see the plan of a building giving positions of a leaking reactor, decontamination chamber and a room containing door sealing blocks. Scattered about are scientists for you to rescue by pushing them, singly, into the decontamination chamber. Then you have to seal the building with the blocks before earth is contaminated.

Sea Wolf puts you in command of a submarine. With 20 torpedoes you have to destroy the enemy ships. You are given the view through a periscope and a radar scanner - dive fast if you see the destroyer.

With full instructions on a leaflet and on screen, I found this collection entertain and good fun.


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