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Blackbeard's Treasure
By Timeless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

Blackbeard's Treasure is a deep sea diving game. You are in command of a five-man diving team in a boat above the treasure on the sea bed. The sea around you is infested with sharks and the treasure is guarded by two giant octupi.

By using the direction keys or joysticks, you jump from the boat and swim to the sea bed, avoiding sharks and octupi. You can move quite fast in the water but you slow down considerably on the sand.

Three items of treasure may be carried on each dive and these must be brought back to the boat before a second dive is made. The more treasure you return to the boat, the more difficult the game becomes, more sharks are attracted and they and the octupi move faster, so more skill is needed.

An excellent game, very well programmed and presented. Colour and graphics are brilliant. Full instructions are printed on screen before the game. Very entertaining. Needs Extended Basic.


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