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Home Computing Weekly

Pen The Pig
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

The idea of this game is to trap a pig running around in a large pen and to contain it into one of two smaller pens located in two opposite corners.

The pig is represented by a bouncing ball, and you can "draw" walls in order to contain it by using the four direction keys, E,X,D and S. Occasionally the pig will break through the wall you have drawn.

The program loads easily and there are two skill levels. At level one the game proves to be quite easy. But at level two you draw an invisible shield on the screen instead of a wall, and this time the game becomes very much harder, as you try to remember the location of your shield.

Such instructions as are necessary are printed on screen at the beginning of the game and are adequate for this rather uncomplicated programme.

All in all I found the game rather boring, with elementary use of graphics and sound.


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