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Home Computing Weekly

Winging It
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #19

Could this be the first flight simulator for the TI? Once you've mastered basic flying, you can progress to one of the three games. In game 1, you locate and fly over a meteorite, game 2 sets you the task of finding and destroying a flying saucer, and in game 3 you are pitted against an enemy plane.

There's no 3D view of the runway or the like, but there is a first-class display of the instrument panel, and realistic engine noises. Comprehensive instructions are supplied.

The instructions warn that beginners may have a rough ride, and they aren't kidding. Taking off was OK, but once in the air I found an affinity for flying upside down and making unscheduled and rather violent landings.

Still, practice makes perfect. I thought this was an excellent program which should appeal to budding pilots of all ages.


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