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Home Computing Weekly

By Byteware

Published in Home Computing Weekly #34

Duel is a computer version of those popular boardgames such as Othello, where the object is to place counters on the board in such a way as to end up with the highest number of counters at the end of the game.

The game can be played by two players or by one player against the computer at four skill levels. An 8 x 8 squared board is displayed on screen, and the centre four squares are occupied by two red and two yellow counters.

Counters are placed by entering the coordinates of the appropriate square, and the aim is to sandwich one or more of your opponent's pieces between it and one already on the board.

The counters so captured then change to your colour.

The game continues until all the squares on the board are occupied. An indicator at the top of the screen shows whose turn it is and the number of each player's counters on the board.

The program is entertaining, highly absorbing and very well-thought-out and presented, with good graphics and colour.

There were no instructions sent with the review cassette and none are printed on screen, and I would hope that some sort of guidelines are included with retail versions.


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