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Home Computing Weekly

By Timeless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

The screen presentation of this game is in the form of a spaghetti junction of magnetic pieces through which a metal ball is travelling. In the centre of the screen is a blue square, and by using the direction keys or joystick this square moves sections of magnetic track left, right, up or down.

The idea is to keep the ball moving on the track without it falling off the edge. As the ball passes over a piece of track, that section of track is erased and points are scored. When a set number of sections have been removed, a wrap-around feature comes into effect, when the ball reappears on the opposite side.

The game becomes progressively harder and a tremendous degree of skill, strategy and patience are needed to complete the circuit.

This program is very well presented with good graphics and colour. Frustration could be an apt alternative title. Well worth buying. Well packaged, with printed instructions and hints on playing. Needs Extended Basic.


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