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Bluegrass Sweepstakes
By Stainless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #15

Whether you enjoy the occassional flutter on the gee-gees or not, you will like this horseracing game for up to eight players.

Eight horses are displayed on screen together with their names and starting prices. Bets are placed and the race begins. The eight horses move across the screen from left to right and winnings are paid out on the first, second and third horses across the line.

Each punter enters his or her name and the computer will then display the name and the amount that person has available to bet with prior to each race. You are given 1000 dollars to begin with. The winner of each race receives a sweepstake ticket in addition to any winnings and this is used in the ninth race in which the runners are the winners of the previous eight races.

The graphics and colour capabilities of the TI99/4A are used to excellent effect in this very well-thought-out program.

It is not a game where you continually involved in the action, but it is nevertheless a very entertaining program for children and adults alike.


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