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Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #41

An alien spaceship has descended to earth and has beamed down the dreaded Robopods with the intention of destroying old beloved plant.

You are assigned the task of de-activating the fiendish machines before they self-destruct and blow the whole shooting match to kingdom come.

The pods are rendered harmless by climbing up inside them from underneath, but there are a few snags which tend to make life far from simple.

The robopods are all numbered and they must be deactivated in numerical order.

As you make your panic-stricken way from one pod to another, you leave a trail of radioactive footprints which spell certain death if you pass back over your tracks.

As if that wasn't enough, the ground between each pod is littered with landmines laid by the alien spacecraft.

Stay in one spot for too long, and the pods will blow up anyway.

The only assistance you get is an occasional mat placed over part of your previously laid trail, enabling you to cross your path.

There are five levels of difficulty.

Robopods is a good, well-programmed game with excellent graphics and sound. I found it very entertaining.


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