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Home Computing Weekly

House Of Horrors & Star Strike
By Solid

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

House Of Horrors is an adventure game with graphics. To start you must find the key to enter the house. Clues to the key are given on screen and, once deciphered, you are given an option of five levels of play and a chance to have the instructions displayed if required. Without warning you are beset by problems which must be solved before you can proceed. There is an egotistical gorilla who likes to hear his name, and this is printed on-screen for a brief moment after which you must type in the name from memory. The game proved to be difficult enough at level one so if you get to level five you're a better man than I Gunga Din. This game is excellent fun and a must for all you adventure fanatics.

Star Strike is an arcade style game where you are the pilot of a spaceship defending against alien invaders. The graphics used are excellent and represent the view through a cockpit window at the aliens coming towards you in a good 3D effect. Although the action is limited, the game is well presented with excellent graphics. The whole package adds up to a very good value for money.


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