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Home Computing Weekly

Fun Pac 2
By Virgin Games

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

A package consisting of three games, one arcade style and two text-only adventure games.

The arcade game has the rather topical title of Escape the Mugger, and you are the rather hapless victim who has to escape. The villain is, however, extremely fleet-footed and you must exercise a great deal of cunning in order to avoid being another mugging statistic.

Starship Supernova is a text-only adventure, where you are the captain of a space salvage ship which happens upon an alien spaceship heading for a supernova and destruction. The entire game is played against the clock and when time starts to run out you are given visual warnings to the effect that you are nearing the supernova.

The final game on the tape is also text-only, and places you in as a gunfighter in the old wild west.

Different factors are given to help you decide on which action to take and your skill will decide whether you clean up the two or end up dead.

Three games on this tape are very well presented and I found them entertaining and good fun to play. At the combined price of £6.95, good value for money.


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