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Home Computing Weekly

Crazy Fun House
By Timeless

Published in Home Computing Weekly #66

Crazy Fun House is a maze game. At certain points there are trip squares; if you land on these certain things will happen.

The maze becomes invisible, only reappearing when a second trip square is reached. Sometimes a ghost chases you around the maze. At one point the screen turns black and seven ghosts float across the screen.

Sometimes a blue square lights up in the centre of the screen and if you reach this square you can shoot the ghosts for extra points.

When you are chased by one ghost the screen suddenly turns red and you become the chaser.

Full instructions are printed on screen beforehand and I found them perfectly adequate. The graphics and action are very good and come up to the expectations of a game written in Extended BASIC. There are no facilities for keyboard operation and joysticks must be used.

On the whole a very entertaining game and well worth the money. Needs Extended Basic.


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