Home Computing Weekly

Battle Over Titan

Author: D.B.
Publisher: Timeless
Machine: TI99/4A

Published in Home Computing Weekly #64

A space war game with a maze thrown in for good measure.

The maze is the pathway through scanner rays emitted by alien spacecraft. As long as you stay on this path you are well protected from their laser fire, and can pick them off with your own phaser cannons.

As you hit each alien, however, the scanner ray emitted is destroyed with it and the maze therefore becomes smaller. You find yourself having to cross areas where the enemy scans are stronger and where you will be hit and destroyed.

Full instructions are printed on screen and there is a choice of keyboard or joystick operation.

There is a speed control for your spaceship and by holding the direction key or joystick in one position the ship will travel faster; this speed may be important when you are crossing the danger zones.

Graphics and colour are used to good effect and the whole programme is very well thought out. Needs Extended Basic.


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