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Home Computing Weekly

Runner On Treiton
By Lantern

Published in Home Computing Weekly #44

This is a part graphics, part text adventure game. You are the runner and your mission is to collect Treiton jewels which are dotted about at various placed on the landscape.

Determined to impede your progress are ferocious beasties, quicksand pits and the keeper of Treiton who is forever on your trail.

Time and your declining strength are against you, but your strength is boosted as you collect the jewels.

You start with £400 to buy flares, wizard spells and time capsules which can help you on your mission.

You are then shown a map depicting the position of the beasts, the quicksand pits and jewels.

This disappears after a few seconds and from then on you must rely on your memory.

At any time during the game, providing you have enough strength, you may enter one of the time warps on the map and be transported to another era on Treiton, where everything has changed position.


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