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Home Computing Weekly

Soccer Supremo
By Dromeda

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

You have a choice of managing one of eight fourth division sides and your job is to take your team from the fourth to the first division.

You start with £100,000, and this will vary as you play according to the gate money received each week, the players' wages and on whether you buy or sell players.

Numerical ratings are given for team spirit, overall performance and individual players' ability and fitness. These ratings are compred with your opponents', and your team may be selected from a squad of not more than 16 players.

The ratings change throughout the season, so it is up to you to select your best team from the squad available.

At any time a player may be unavailable through injury or may need to be rested due to a low fitness rating.

You may sell a player at any time, and you are occasionally given the opportunity to buy.

If finances run low, a loan may be obtained but must be paid back by the end of the season.

There re lots of things to think about, but thanks to a very detailed set of on-screen instructions, you will soon get the hang of it.


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