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Home Computing Weekly

Vegetable Crash
By Kuma Computers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #62

A simple but addictive arcade game in machine code from the Kuma stable especially for gardening fanatics.

A fair loading screen leads us to the instructions - a nice idea - and then to the game itself. Screen top has score and hi-score in computer type above a fiverow formation of vegetables, which ny down to attack you, squirting seeds. Your only defence is three guns firing fork missiles. As you shoot the vegetables new ones arrive from the top. When the screen is emptied a new formation appears and screen two is recorded bouom right. Hit a radish - or is it a turnip? - in mid-attack and you receive a healthy bonus score.

Kuma has produced a game that youngsters will enjoy until zapping and scoring become boring - then, because there is nothing new, it will be discarded. The use of sound is fair, but not brilliant, as is the use of colour and graphics.

There needs to be more than one good idea in a game - in this case seed-squirting vegetables - for it to catch on.


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