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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Utilities Library
By Solway Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #75

A combination of Solway's three utilities packs - with a saving of £1.55 - which can only be used on a 48K machine. If the programs halt at any time due to an error correction it can be restarted by entering RUN 5.

The contents offers graph plotter, linear regression, mean and standard deviation, zeroes of functions, rectangular and polar co-ordinates, circular geometry, triangle solution, regular polygon solution, numerical integration, change of bases, simultaneous equations and quadratic equations. It is not a teaching program - its use is in producing solutions quickly to problems.

Each section-ending allows return to Contents - shown by a green 'r' screen top right - or to repeat that section.

The instructions are carefully planned to take you through from start to solution, and each program is accessed by pressing the appropriate key shown on the contents list display.

My copy was pre-production, accompanied by 16 A4 sheets of explanation, so I would be interested in seeing how those explanations reduce on to a cassette insert - or will a printed booklet replace them? Fair use is made of the Spectrum's potential of music, colour and memory.


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