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Formula One
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #108

A type of Football Manager on wheels, this game is time-consuming, since you travel across the world visiting 16 Grand Prix races. Up to six players can participate, controlling a one- or two-person team competing in this simulation. You invest sponsors' money to improve your driver, cars and pit crew. The object is to win either the Drivers' or the constructors' championship - or both.

The loading screen asks you to LOAD a SAVEd game, then how many players, before asking you which level of difficulty you want, and to enter your name. Then there's a choice of six teams, numerous sponsors and drivers. Then, using the sponsor's money, you can buy new engines, chassis and crew and improve the car's overall efficiency.

Before each race a screen gives a full record of the track's history and the weather forecast - so that a choice of tyre type can be made. The cars' lap times are shown and then they line up at the grid, the lights change and - they're off, with the heads of the crowd moving as cars flash around the track.

Scoreboard displays lap number, positive and car number as well as difference in time, and screen bottom shows a constant commentary on crashes, weather changes, pit stops during which each player must control the crew... and so on.

The demonstration game - lasting ages - is worth seeing. An impressive, addictive game which needs that saving facility.


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