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Home Computing Weekly

Motorcycle Crazy
By Kerian UK Ltd
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #87

You zoom past the B.S.A. factory, Selly Oak and Don Law's Scrapyard to Dennington race track as you search for the Award, so you can return it to Ariel Castle. This is an amusing graphic adventure game that sits you on a motorbike. which runs out of petrol and develops a flat tyre. As you journey past the beer tent and along a motor way you can collect four of these items: Yale key. large key. rusty key, sandwich, waterproof suit. spanner. toolkit. petrol and puncture outfit.

Each location is simply and colourfully drawn and briefly described in words. You are told seven words understood by the program and have to find out if there are any others. You have to visit each location in order to score 100% and use certain items as you proceed.

Keep away from the Army Firing Range or you'll end up in detention. Steer clear of the quarry or you'll have an accident.

I scored 15% in 49 turns and could SAVE a played game. Although not up to present standards, Motorcycle Crazy! is quite addictive and enjoyable.


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