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The Fall Of Rome
By Argus Press
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

This well-packaged, historical wargame takes you back to 395 AD, when Rome was in decline, but still dominated Western and Southern Europe. After a pleasing map loading screen, with a broken legionary standard, the clear instructions start in readable type (hurray!).

You must command Rome in its struggle against the barbarians, fighting on a high resolution map of Western Europe - a copy is included with the insert - and, over five 12-year turns, use the Roman resources to gain a strategic victory.

The screen shows a map of the Mediterranean, with a cross representing the province in question, the year, province name, balance of money, the state of your armed forces and present instructions. You soon learn the geography of the area, province names, budgeting (to insure that troops are maintained), economics and strategy.

Your main force, the Mobile Legion, is the basic unit upon which acquisition of strategic legions, auxiliaries and cavalry are based.

A gripping game. Not one to start late at night... as you won't want to leave it.


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