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Home Computing Weekly

By Automata
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #52

Another Automata winner! An extremely addictive Pyramid of Pi game using the Spectrum potential to its fullest, as well as machine code - with the added speed this gives where needed.

The program, compatible with the Kempston joystick, introduces the characters on the two loading sreens, the second animated to include flashing stars of David. Is Burt, the star, Jewish, perhaps?

There are blocks on the side of the pyramid, which change colour to match that shown top right, as Burt moves across the side. The two Ball brothers, Bobby and Billy, try to prevent Burt doing so, assisted by one occasionally changing into Sid Snake and by Pixel Prince Col who changes the blocks back to the original colour. Burt is helped by Pixel Prince Jas changing blocks to the new colour and by a magic flying disc that allows him to lure Sid off the pyramid.

Scoring is neon-list at top left, above jumping Burts showing how many lives are left, completed pyramids and by leading Sid astray. Unfortunately, I have not, as yet, completed all the 66 possible screens... but there is time yet!


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