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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Utilities Pack 1
By Solway Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #76

Volume 1 contains a graph plotter with the options of equal axes dimensions or auto and resolution high or low. You input the function and minimum and maximum values for 'x'. The program then draws the axes, adding values and finally drawing the graph. Input an incorrect function and the program tells you "it's nonsense" and, as it's a Basic program, RUN 5 returns to start.

The next volume's contents offers simultaneous and quadratic equations. Again any error can be overcome by returning to start via RUN 5, except where a green 'r' appears top screen right - then pressing 'r' returns to Contents.

A brief explanation precedes request to enter the number of simultaneous equations. You enter the two co-efficients and the constant for the first and then second one and are then asked whether the equations are correct. If they are, the program calculates 'x' for both equations.

After quadratic equations are explained you are requested to enter the co-efficients of x squared and x and the constant term. The computer shows results.

For people needing a machine to calculate those problems, a great program. Otherwise of little value.


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