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Twin Kingdom Valley
By Bug Byte
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

With the Currah microspeech unit added, the 150 hi-res, full screen locations and other comments are vocally described as the words appear on screen in this eagerly-awaited, proven best-seller on other machines. Four minutes 40 seconds loading leads to six pages of instructions in small print.

The beginner should use Option one - draw area if unvisited with long description - out of the six offered. You start outside your small hut and, using abbreviations and whole words from a vocabulary of 36, you visit locations including The Sword Inn, a castle and a tunnel in order to acquire as much wealth as possible.

Your strength decreases with being stabbed or clubbed by unfriendly creatures and can be recovered with time or upon drinking or eating. There are six special commands, preceded by *, including a SAVE, LOAD option and a change in printing speed. Caps Shift freezes pictures and Space moves on.

By nothing down places you can draw a map of the valley with its two kingdoms surrounded by Lake Watersmeet. A good game for the adventure fanatic with some advanced features.


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