Home Computing Weekly

Whizz Quiz 7+

Author: T.W.
Publisher: Computer Tutor
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #43

Another instruction program using a game as a carrot to learning. Clever Clogs welcomes us to Whizz Quiz by asking the number of players and their names.

C.C. then leads them through a game of Ludo, where occasionally questions are asked of the players prior to a turn - three correct result in an extra turn.

Some of the 100 questions appear more often than others.

Clever Clogs: Whizz Quiz

Correct answers receive flashing congratulations and C.C. smiles, while wrong answers make him grimace and give corrections.

The computer throws dice for each turn - highest throw being 36 - and then suggests which counter may be moved.

For the age group aimed at, the program will be addictive as they watch their four chips chasing others around the board and hoping for the fanfare as each reach 'home'.

The final accolade is a repeatedly flashing name as Whizz Winner.

Press p for Play appeared at the end, allowing parents to alter the questions. Instructions throughout were reasonable, but only parents with time will find this program useful.


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