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Home Computing Weekly

Cruise Attack
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #48

A "missile command" game, that loaded quickly, auto-ran and displayed basic instructions, but would have benefitted from improved instructions and insert information.

The latter says our city is under torpedo and bomb attack, an unknown, but limited number of missiles can be fired from two bases, and that user-defined keys are used (untrue).

Key "s" started the game, with outline diamond torpedoes and lines falling from screen top to six cities between two bases. These are destroyed by manoeuvring cross-sights in front of them, so a missile explodes as the enemy reaches it.

Upon game completion a screen of missiles appears momentarily - part of the scoring? Names are entered and a Hall of Fame appears. It was eventually apparent that destroyed bombs score 50 and torpedoes with bonuses for destroying a wave.

Control reaction is good, but graphics and sound are dull and basic. Much fuller instructions and better use of the Spectrum's potential could be expected at the price. A very flat game.


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