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Home Computing Weekly

By R&R
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

Good arcade games spawn variations, and Centipede is no exception - as this version shows. Joystick-compatible, Spectipede responded well to keyboard controls. The third screen gave instructions and scoring, with the opportunity for more instructions. Viewing this for too long starts an autogame then returning to title screen.

One or two people can play, to shoot the yellow Spectipede as it moves through a mushroom forest. When shot it breaks into two then four; leaving new mushrooms behind. Three shots are needed to eradicate the mushrooms, while two kill the mushroom-creating fleas that double their speed between between hits. Scoring is high, being recorded along screen top, and a bonus of 1,500 added for each screen cleared of spectipedes and a bonus life every 20,000 points.

Graphics and sound are not up to present standards - not is returning to the title after each game - and it will need more than spiders that move their legs upon reaching the screen bottom to make the masses buy it. Some young friends found it addictive, partly because of its ease of play and because of its slow speed and lack of subtlety.


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