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Home Computing Weekly

The Enormous Turnip
By Arrow
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Three activities introduce spelling, that letters have sounds as well as names, and that words are formed by adding the right letter sounds together. In Letter Sounds an old man stands by a turnip above three pictures while a mouse pushes the first letter of the name of one of the pictures. It can be keyed to move or 'in'. When correct, mouse somersaults and man waters turnip which grows. If wrong mouse faces child with a question mark above its face.

Word Making finds the old man pulling out the enormous turnip with a mouse pushing the first letter of one of three incomplete words below him. Keying and reinforcements are as before, but each correct response brings assistance for the old man.

A cooking pot below a shelf with a mouse pushing a turnip appear in Spelling with a picture of the object to be spelled and turnips in place of letters. A mouse, keyed to move left or right, selects letters. Correct responses cause the turnip to be pushed towards the pot, to fall in after five correct. If wrong the questioning mouse returns, the word is spelt out and vanishes to be copied by the child.


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