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Home Computing Weekly

By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

There are two programs on side one, Piano Player and Composer, and one on side two, Musical Quiz.

Piano Player shows five black and seven white keys. The note played is depressed on screen while shown below, together with the octave and length of note (from 0.05 to 1 second) which may both be altered by four keys. Pressing z returns us to the menu - a useful facility.

Composer allows you to play a composed or demonstration tune, save, load or compose a tune. For composition, using up to 1,000 notes, screen top has five staves and notes of rest and note number. Nine keys allow choice of note, duration, rest or correction and playback.

In Musical Quiz, Clever Clogs asks 100 Grade One multiple choice questions, which may be altered. You start with a choice of six tunes, building up note by note at screen top with the correct answers. Clever Clogs smiles or grimaces, correct answers are shown and the tune plays at the end.


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