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The Journey
By Temptation
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #78

Set in the lands of the Black Warlock, The Journey is a real-time, illustrated text adventure where you have to find the legendary White Ship and set sail to a distant land.

Some creatures roam freely and can be friendly, indifferent or hostile; while others, the Warlock's guardians, guard the routes, treasures or magical objects. Each location presents a written description of the place, objects and characters with available exit routes - sometimes after illustration of location. Screen bottom will display "What now?" and you type instructions, using 20 commands and up to 32 characters.

Each character possesses the attributes of intelligence, strength and experience: typing 'status' allows checking of your own and others' status. As the game proceeds, these attributes alter as you solve problems and eat!

Eight duplicated A4 pages of map, sample solutions and instructions accompanied my copy - giving useful clues.

SAVE and LOAD allow you to save a partially completed game to be continued later.

This is a well planned and designed games program. Practice succeeds - try it and find out for yourself.


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