Home Computing Weekly

Star Trucker

Author: T.W.
Publisher: Computer Tutor
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #63

An addictive learning game, a competition to win a year's magazine subscription and a Secret Parents' Page enabling questions to be reset: what more can Computertutor offer? Full use is made of the Spectrum's potential in this brainteasing game built around general knowledge questions.

A star-studded screen has a noisy rocket leaving "welcome to Star Trucker" behind, followed by an invitation to enter a "Christian" name: wouldn't "first" name by more multi-cultural?

On screen is the view forward, above digital read-outs of time, score, credits, cargo, fuel, field and points. The first task is to manoeuvre through the asteroid belt to refuel at Earth with 100 credits. Credits and force field are topped up from points gained by correctly answering general knowledge questions.

A hyper-jump leads to the planet screen, where galactic dust guards the trading planets. Remembering what they exchange, you work out a route around the planets to end up with power gems. Disasters strike unexpectedly, robbing you of force field or credits, and you can be killed: if so, an official Star Trucker newsflash tells the world.


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