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Home Computing Weekly

Early Punctuation
By Sinclair Research
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #42

Not knowing the age group that this rather expensive program was aimed at made it difficlt to decide its usefulness.

It states that a full stop is used at the end of a sentence only, so I assume a lower primary level.

For young children it would be great fun to get all the sentences right to get to the shooting game that follows.

Graphics, colour and sound are good, with a little man running to correct the sentences at the player's command.

Each sentence correctly punctuated lays down a row of bricks until the last two put up five bottles each.

Then the player shoots the bottles down with an on-screen tally being kept. The overall score can be printed out.

The beauty of such a program is that the sentences used can be changed. Any attempt by the player to complete the tasks by trial and error will show up in the final score.

I wonder if parents or teachers will really want to spend time putting in different sentences, when writing them on to paper or a blackboard is so much simpler.


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