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Home Computing Weekly

Maths Utilities Pack 3
By Solway Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #78

After the loading screen Volume 4's contents offer mean and standard deviation calculations (useful to researchers - but available on so many calculators) and zeroes of functions. The latter calculates the roots of any function, defined as 'f(x)=0' using the one point Newton-Raphson iterative method. The function, in terms of x, is entered with the first derivative of the function and a root estimate and the program will then find the nearest root to that estimate.

Linear regression and numerical integration (also in Pack 2) are included in Volume 5. The former utilises the curve of y=m times x+b, where m=slope and b=xy intercept. Number of pairs of data points, wether to weight y terms, first x, first y, second x and second y are entered before the results as m, b, sigma b and a correlation appear. Entering the integrand, number of sub intervals, lower and upper limits of integration in Numberical Integration causes "thinking" to appear on screen, followed by the solution.

If error reports appear, entering RUN 5 will return you to the Contents, as will pressing 'r' whenever a green 'r' appears screen top right.

Possibly only for serious mathematics students.


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