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Home Computing Weekly

By Scientific
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

A very impressive tool kit for those who write programs. It's complete with printed instructions covering three sides of A4, and menus for the main program, Microdrive routine and the mini-keydefine enclosed in polythene wallet.

It autoruns to show basic instructions leading to the menu, followed by memory allocation of the routines and a menu of oprions. Twenty three keys are said to be pre-defined with 12 keys available for redefining - but there appears to be 16 predefined for programmers and eight for use. Holding down the space bar, pressing required key and releasing both produces the routine as a direct command which can be edited or executed with the enter key.

Some of the most valuable are: A = turn Auto line number on/off; L = line number trace on/off; R = renumber Basic program; K = hex to decimal conversion; I = decimal to hex; H = crosshatch screen. A block delete routine is missing, but a key can be redefined and added to the menu.


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