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Bridge Player 2
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

A bridge player I am not - but, with many more hours using this program and I shall be asking for tuition - or perhaps CP Software already publishes a Basic Course in Bridge? This is a well-designed and well-organized program with many options available to the experienced player wishing to sharpen his skills on his own.

You are offered a series of five options for instance: "computer deals", "you deal", "play the cards from all four hands" or "let the computer play the defender's cards". Then, after a short shuffle, the computer deals the cards, either showing four hands or two, on a green cloth, or just your hand, large at screen top while you make your bid.

Screen shows number of hand, dealer, and contract at top left with score bottom left, last trick shown bottom right - winner flashing - the card table shows cards in centre and N, E, Sand W hands around that. Quite realistic and easy to follow.

Bidding is in accordance with the Alcol system - though an expert friend says it makes unrealistic bids when the computer takes partners.

The program offers: post-mortem facility with rebidding and/or replaying of any hand; full scoring, both of the result and cumulatively; the ability to input selected hands, review bids, see the play to the earlier tricks, peep at the opponents' hands and at any time to go on to the next hand or to return to the option list.

Must stop now - it's my turn.


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