Home Computing Weekly

The Jewel Of Power

Author: T.W.
Publisher: Slogger
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

I slogged my way through the house, collected lamp, matches, food, flask, note, key, fragment of wand and had the game-quest explained in the cellar, opened the front door, walked through the deserted village to the Parkland Crossroad and... nothing.

I couldn't go NE to the Woodland Barrier. I tried NW and ended up in the maze, dead. I then reloaded to restart this BASIC adventure to recover the pricess jewel and the fragments of smashed magic wand. You haunted castles, forests and deserts in the 120 locations and answer puzzles and problems using a vocabulary of 700 words.

Accompanying the cassette are fourteen A4 pages of instructions that are the fullest and easiest to understand that I have ever seen. A simple tutorial explains communication and Play Test explains moves to follow to complete the task. Each of the eight areas is described in full, with clues to answer problems set, and in map form.

The colourful scenes are well-drawn, movement and acceptance of instructions is speedy and the adventure is quite addictive.


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