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It's The Wooluf
By Crystal Computing
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

A loading screen consisting of "please wait" preceds the Wooluf's face and a flashing square coloured tunnel, introducing this simple game, making a sheepdog round-up sheet from bottom right, taking them over a bridge, through a wood and to a pen top right.

Sounds simple? A meandering river restricts movement before the bridge and those sheep behave, well, like sheep and go all ways - even into the river. The troubles do not stop when over the bridge, as the ravenous Wooluf is waiting for wanderers. When the dog has them all penned, they automatically return and the game continues. But the sheep, dumb as they are, have learned from their experiences and move faster. Unfortunately, so does the Wooluf!

Score is kept top right and the Wooluf appears on screen after each meal. Response to keys N,M,X,Z is good and some sound accompanies the game. Graphics are basic - Wooluf is made up of squares in the main.

A good idea, only marred by being too simplistic in this sophisticated era. And a hall of fame would have helped.


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