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Home Computing Weekly

By Games Workshop
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

The game starts with an illustrated list of ten characters, such as Elf Priest or Warrior each with differing strength and craft values. If it's a new game, answer "yes" to "are there to be new players?" and you'll be asked how many characters. Each choice of character leads to naming it, selecting computer or own control before proceeding to the next and finally speed of play - laid back, moderate or speedy.

Arrow keys move character left or right and occasionally you'll need to select a location, e.g. north or west. Screen top shows the location and the objects, magic and ordinary, that are there. Middle section has character picture, listing of its strength, craft, lives, gold and spells - when present.

An hourglass at screen right has the sands of time running out as the game proceeds and the bottom section shows details of ordinary objects and any followers. Stop to pick up the objects and a detailed description of events will appear.

A monster may attack - its strength or craft values will be shown - and you can run or fight to gain the object and follower. Pressing any key adds a random value between one and six to both sides and the one with the greatest total value wins. When the sands run out you'll stay at that location.

Any of the 14 spells acquired may be used in your attempts to find seven ordinary objects, eight magical objects and eight followers to help obtain the talisman.


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