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Home Computing Weekly

New Venture
By Falcon Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #75

"If I were a rich man" announces the loading of a program that will test whether you can survive in business. New Venture starts with full, simple instructions. You have £25,000 and the aim is to be able to afford the ultimate in luxuries - the priceless Falconmobile.

There are six retail businesses, four sites and seven options - commence trading, adverts, visit bank manager, check bank statement, check or update stock, make insurance inquiries or quit. Your ZX printer can copy the list. The program contains a yearly inflationary figure - so that a £15,000 shop (where?) costs £30,000 in 2001.

As the game proceeds, you are offered various luxuries, the acquisition of which gains points. Sudden burglaries, fires or accidents reduce your profits, unless insurance has been obtained. Your staff put in for a pay rise. At the end of each round, when a month's trading finishes, pages of trading levels of each saleable item are shown in graph and percentage form, then trade figures and a bank statement.

An interesting idea, with a PG rating - suitable for intelligent people above the age of 14.


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