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Home Computing Weekly

Space Wrek
By cj
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #96

Don't get excited - this is only another Basic version of Minefield. Reasonably imaginative but slow and difficult - who wants to play a game you can't win? Even if it does have more than one level.

A loading screen blinks, and you are offered levels 1-6 with the suggestion to start at level 1 - followed by your one opportunity to view instructions. You move a tank across a plain to your base, evading and disarming mines with the assistance of a radar screen. Audible warning is given of the presence of any mine in adjoining squares - you must deduce and disarm the mine before fuel or oxygen run out.

Screen top has map showing desert, shrubs, marsh, craters and the base - with 40 hidden mines. Below is the Tank Status Report with how many mines detected, fuel and oxygen levels - starting at 999 - score and options available. Disarm a mine by pressing 'D' and the mine's position in the grid of nine. If you're wrong - demolition and the end of game.


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