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By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

Clever Clogs comes on screen flashing Hello, giving his name to the accompaniment of music and asking for your name. Music announces the offer of instructions, which take up six screens. A menu offers choice of Whacky Blockbuster - where the computer explains how to go about it; Blockbuster - where you play; and Blockbuster Quiz - where answering 12 questions correctly allows you to see one way to complete the puzzle.

Layout, colour, sound, graphics and movement are superb, making this program a pleasure to play and addictive. The object is to make a rectangle out of twelve blocks. A box is provided to enable you to flip a piece over, and the five levels are sensibly labelled.

You can quit at any time - or save it on tape to finish at another session - and are then offered replay or end program facilities.

This program, for age 7+, stretches the brain and teaches shapes, relationships and co-ordinates. The questions can easily be altered. A prize is offered to those who send in two answers to level four.


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