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Message From Andromeda
By Interceptor Micros
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #73

You are the Captain of the space patrol cruiser Galaxy on a routine patrol - of what, we are not told. This adventure game starts with you receiving a distress signal from a previously unknown planet.

After 18 attempts at keying in phrases - which taught me that the program does not live up to its promise that "command syntax" makes full use of all parts of speech - I entered "READ MESSAGE" and it appeared on screen! It would be easier if they listed acceptable words.

I landed on the planet Andromeda and moved around freely through rooms and squares, seeing buttons, detonators, knives and metal bars. When I keyed in "LOOK AT PLANET" I received the surprisingly humorous response "I can't see a vine here"!!

No scores appeared and there seemed no purpose to the game. I didn't feel compelled to push onwards, even with the offer of Help, Inventory, Look or the chance to Save in order to return later. I was quite happy to be shot and leave Andromeda to the androids.

Fair use of graphics and no sound.


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