Home Computing Weekly


Author: T.W.
Publisher: Rabbit
Machine: Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #53

The addition of a hall of fame and levels of difficulty would have raised this program from being a child's game. A gormless rabbit appears in the first loading screen, then paratroopers, before instructions and an opportunity to define the keys used - leading one to expect a high quality game.

This bloodthirsty game's screen is a simple blue sky and green round with a well-drawn anti-aircraft gun in the centre of the screen bottom. Helicopters fly from right to left dropping paratroopers, some without parachutes that explode upon hitting the ground.

Your task is to shoot helicopters and paratroopers or - if you enjoy being sneaky - parachutes, before three land and move off, reappearing as a tank that blasts you out of existence. Beware the kamikaze paratrooper who blows you up by landing on you.

Fair use has been made of the Spectrum's graphics and sound, the key response is food and it is compatible with Protek joysticks. Only five shots can be on-screen at any one time, and the gun stops firing when moving. The shots cost points that are regained by shooting helicopters or paratroopers. Addictive to the younger players or those who find it difficult to score in other games.


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