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Home Computing Weekly

Carlo The Clown
By Calpac Computer
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #70

A colourful, animated Carlo the Clown introduces five- to eight-year-olds to this 100-word spelling game. Even though there seemed little educational reasoning for the inclusion of some words, and no use made of spelling families, it would be a useful way to introduce those words.

Unlike teacher's spelling tests at school, the reward invovles lengthy choices of colos and shapes of 10 parts of Carlo's face, needing some assistance from adults with the reading. The spelling becomes secondary.

The Menu allows for the pictures and the words to be seen, accompanied by nursery rhyme tunes, or for very clear instructions or for very clear instructions or for the game to be played. The screen shows the picture to be spelled on the left, with a box the length of the word (q restarts and space gives one letter clue), and the right has Carlo's face.

A big cross and flashes herald wrong spellings with two more attempts allowed before the correct spelling is exposed. Some pictures are of dubious graphics quality, and at the end Pop Goes The Weasel plays to accompany how many mistakes have been made.


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