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Home Computing Weekly

By Christopher James
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

This program contains tests, games and demonstrations introducing telepathy, precognition and memory associations, and to find out whether you have any supernatural powers - like reading minds and predicting events. The author believes each person has such powers and needs to 'exercise' them in order to control them.

These tests, based upon those of Professor Rhine, American researcher of the 1930s, should do this - and the graphs should, over a long period, show a significant improvement in your test performances.

Menu offers options to initialise colours, level of play, Rhine card game, conduct precognition test, store/recall data, computer self-test and 'terminate'. Rhine card test asks you to predict 10 cards and to find pairs on a 40 card grid. The telepathy tests require a partner to watch cards displayed on screen, while you input card numbers seen; while precognition test asks you to guess ten cards.

When self-testing, the computer will try to predict each random card based on least popular, most popular and random selection. Graphs of results can be stored and compared with those gained on a subsequent test.


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