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Battle For Midway
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

An adaptation of a successful Commodore program - so don't be misled by joystick required label on the instruction manual - the cover correctly stating joystick compatible.

Three levels and six game speeds are offered. As the manual suggests, this is an extremely complex war game designed for the intellectual. However, when the organisation and rules are eventually learned, it is a fascinating brain teaser.

Battle for Midway puts you in command of the United States Pacific fleet on June 4th 1942, six months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. This battle was the turning point of the battle for the Pacific and a landing upon Midway by the Japanese would have provided a stepping stone for them to attack Hawaii and then the United States.

You are presented with a large scale map showing an over-view of your forces, with a 24-hour clock at screen top, a white com-box controlled by you, and coloured dotted lines representing the three Japanese fleets involved. Six keys give access to information on the combatant forces at gamestart, with the game clock stopping. With the com-box over individual task forces gives detailed reports on ships and aircraft.

Units can be moved, aircraft launched and landed, as well as used to search and make air attacks. Of course, periodically the Japanese will launch attacks on you - the U.S. forces.

Unfortunately, the Japanese have beaten me every time so far, and Hirohito is President!


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